time for a midnight snack. ^_^

woe is me.

i didnt get to do the blogathon…*sniff*oh well, theres always next year.

i got 3 shots today, what fun. hepatitis A and tetanus in one arm, something starting with ‘g’ but more painful in the right arm. here’s how it goes-

nurse-ok, i’ll give you the tetanus first since it hurts the worst.
my mind- ok, that wasn’t as bad as i expected.
then the hepatitis.
my mind-ok, still hurt, but not as bad as the tetanus.
the the last one.
i guess this is where i let out a noise of some sort, because then the nurse goes
-oh, was that one the worst? sorry.
and it was. still stings a little right now.

so yeah. but i got starbucks afterwards so that made it better.

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