time for a midnight snack. ^_^


so we’ve had 3 band competitions so far.
the first one was in Kingsport at Dobbyns-Bennet
we rated superior (highest rating) but didnt win anything :(
the next one was in carollton georgia (right outside atlanta)
we won quite a few things…one of which being grand champions overall out of the 26 bands there. i dont know about you, but im guess thats pretty awesome.
oh and yesterday we went to daniel boone high school, somewhere kinda near dobbyns-bennet
we won colorguard percussion effect and visual, as well as overall in our class (5A) and half of the bands there. they split us into 2 groups to give out 1st place for some reason… :/
and when i was in atlanta i accidently left my fone in my hotel room, bt i got a new one today :D even though it doesnt have a sim card yet, i already put my old charm on it…
im glad i held onto it.
that was all a blast, but i cant wait for woodlands this weekend. its down in georgia. they have really nice cabins, showers, a cafe, a lake, and their food is pretty good.
hopefully the weather will stay as it is so itll be awesome, like it always has been.

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