time for a midnight snack. ^_^


wow. today was oddly a very happy thursday. normally thursdays are long and boring just to anticipate us for the fridays, which are always awesome. but today was fun. probably because we did nothing in band except talk, and you can go from EOCs to blue crayons in less than a minute. but im looking forward to tomorrow- its the final day of the CG (colorguard) secret santa. i had natalie (like anyone out there knows her) and i got her 2 big bags of oreo’s-one to share and chocolate covered ones for herself, and a wooden box shaped like a book with a spine that comes out as a little drawer that i found at a.c.moore. i spray painted it red and put her name on the front in gemstones and inside i have puffy xmas stickers and some jewelry i made. i think she’ll like it. she had better…its been hard not having to eat any of those oreo’s. :D

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