time for a midnight snack. ^_^

paper rock and scissors

I took a little quiz on face book called ‘How Many 5 year olds Could You Take On In A Fight?’ It said I could only handle five. Which is total crap, because I’ve handled about 12 just fine in one little sunday school room before when the teachers were out doing whatever.
So with this darn toe of mine broken, I can’t go climbing for awhile. Hopefully I can go later this week, if mom allows. -_- But I need to go more than once before school starts again because I haven’t practiced in more than awhile and we have a comp the week school starts back. Plus, they get harder every time (duh) and I didn’t do so well on the last one. i even have some new gloves, a bizzarely-awesome fuzzy pink chalk bag, and a chalk ball. i miss climbing ;_;
Neeom is doing well, thanks for asking. I finally figured out how to make him go to sleep, so thats pretty good. And he’s been singing to me ^_^
My nails are sparkly blue, its schmantastically awesome.
Blue nails and a purple toe.
Alas, I am a colorful person. :]

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