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May 27, 2008, 2:00 pm

my marching band is off….. to CHICAGO!!!
its gonna be a blast. a week of all sorts of shows such as seeing Wicked on broadway,
having a hotel on the river, not to mention being in the…
McDonalds Thankgiving Day Parade!!
yeah, i know. its awesome.
but heres the catch- its gonna cost me $950.
and i don’t have that kind of money in my piggy bank.
i actually don’t even have a piggy bank,
its a plastic jar that counts coins as i put them in. ANYWAY…..
the little doohickey below this message allows
YOU to donate to ME through paypal- quick and easy.
i would be extremely happy if you could pitch in and spread the word.
theres a button on it where you can copy the code and put it on your blog or site or whatever you have, and that would be simply amAzing of you. thanks a millionbajillionzillions.

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