time for a midnight snack. ^_^


is delicious. i have lots, due to my party. which was awesome. me, elysia, megan, amy, and the rents all went to see wall.e and narnia at the drive-in. wall.e was absolutely amazing- veryveryvery cute. narnia was good too, but i didnt like the fact that susan didnt get to stay with the prince. it made me sad.

m&m’s are good.

i gots a new phone!!!!!!! its at&t’s new smartphone centro palm thingamajig. its pretty awesome. i can do e-mail, im, internet, music, and all kinds of stuff. i would put up the video of the commercial for it- the ones with a guy sleeping and his hand reaches over of its own accord and plays with the phone all night long, or when he’s at a restaurant and his hand reaches back to play with someone elses phone. but i couldnt find it on youtube or anywhere. ug.

and lastly i got my class schedule for next year:
(1st semester)
spanish II
english II CP
advanced art

(2nd semester)
pysical science
honors advanced art
honors geometry

no drivers ed, oh well.

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