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Spare Change?

August 11, 2008, 7:14 pm

Hola! As most of you know I am in the Bearden High School Marching Band. This year we’re having our 22nd annual Car Wash this Saturday, August 16th from 9AM-5PM. It’s at the Office Depot on Kingston pike, just look for lots of wet band kids and bubbles. :P
(rain date:august 23rd, same times)
We normally wash about 1000 cars throughout the whole day and its all for free, but we mainly raise money through sponsorships. A typical sponsorship is like $15-20 but you would be my best friend ever if you donated more than that. We use the money to pay for transportation to games and our many competitions(that we do pretty darn well in), new uniforms, and new equipment. Checks can be made out to Bearden Band and you can message me for my address if you need it.
I’m trying to raise somewhere over $400 which breaks down as followed; $125 school band fee, $150 band booster fee, roughly $100 uniform price, and we haven’t been given the price for the sweat suits but they aren’t free either.

Any amount donated would be a huge help.

Thanks for reading :)

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yay for new shoes

August 4, 2008, 9:22 am

new balance, of course.
they didnt have any blue left -_- but the pink is still cute.

i am yet to finish breaking dawn. if i do by today, then my record is 3 days.
(i would have finished it yesterday but noooo i had to go to bed super early as a ’school bedtime’. like im uncapable of waking myself up and getting ready without having and internal clock set. my body doesnt work that way. its called having a real alarm clock.)

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waiting for breaking dawn

August 1, 2008, 10:40 pm

im at barnes and nobles right now (yay for wifi)
theyre just about to call for people to get in line for the new twilight book, breaking dawn. im number 17 which is awesome because at the harry potter 7 thing i was 203.. i feel pretty accomplished. moms taking a picture of me right now. and again. and again, at a different angle. wait, one more. uno mas. and again. does the camera not get tired of taking pictures of the same subject over and over again? maybe thats how theyve progressed in camera business. in the labs, they take pictures of one thing overandoverandover again until the camera gets tired of it and makes it be a perfect picture every time.


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