time for a midnight snack. ^_^


theres too much drama.
because of a parent’s complaint, colorguard now has to be chaperoned during class. and since our coach has another job and cant get off work, the only other person who is available is the drumline/percussion guy. so we have to be within his sight. and now when we’re practicing nobody can hear the other because of how LOUD the drums/pit are and we all start fighting about the counts because half of them cant keep a constant beat and some people dont even know the flagwork.

so now 2 people will be out of the show on friday because there is no way on earth that you could learn all the work we’ve learned (up to tempo) and put it on the field with their sets in 2 1/2 hours. Maddy, maybe, but not the other. Who is sadly a senior and not one of the better girls on the guard.

im painting an awesome picture of wall.e on foil and G wont let me turn it in as a homework grade. i bet if i can get her to go see it while shes out of town this weekend she would appreciate it more.

in english i only had a pen for the julius caesar test. so when our teacher offers out pencils, she laughed when i raised my hand. ‘the smartest kid in here, and one of the smartest in the school, doesnt have a pencil? now thats funny.’ i know im pretty high up in the class but definitely not the school. after all, im only a sophie :)

and arent teachers not allowed to pick favorites?

i find that funny.

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