time for a midnight snack. ^_^


Since tommy has his laptop, I’m blogging from my phone so this may be short.

I’m in the first session of blogher (blogging basics) and i wish I had eaten more breakfast.. these little candies aren’t going to do the trick much longer.

my need for a laptop is getting serious.. how can I mess with my blog if its not right here in front of me? i could take notes, but I’m not missing school for nothing. on the contrary.. the woman next to me is taking some hardcore notes which I find oddly hilarious. I mean she has this THICK notebook with a bunch of tabs, a manilla folder with things paperclipped everywhere, tons of things are higlighted, and she doesn’t have a blog yet. its very professional-looking, but a tad bit overkill.

or maybe I’m just weird. :P

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