time for a midnight snack. ^_^


were so close to the new year..
its december 27th and i can easily wear jeans, short sleeves, and flip-flops outside.
ill be living off of candy for a little while. but who can complain?
when using oil paints can you use water instead of turpentine to clean the brushes?
and is it true that some people mix it with the paint? what does it do for it?
i suppose its more manageable.
the bella boutique prom dress magazine i got in the mail caught my attention. ive been doing some online searching and found a few that caught my eye. i feel like im looking too early, but the sales will be gone if i wait too long. then again they would have sent me the zine later if it was too early. what do i know?
pizza buzzer went off.
but ive been eating candy all day. and amy and i just made cookies. i guess i could scarf down a piece.

then were off to the cove :D
its dark and i cant take pictures. then why go? i have no clue.

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  1. Annie says:
    September 28, 2010, 4:14 am

    I m going to wear a short dress bought from

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